Healthy hair - no exceptions, no compromises!

 Our Story

Welcome to Joy's Crown, where we celebrate textured hair with our satin-lined headwear. I'm Vanessa, the founder, and my journey started in 2019 when I became a new mum to my daughter Joy. Like many mothers, I struggled with the challenge of caring for both my hair and my baby's hair. The limited availability of stylish headwear solutions that also protected our textured hair posed a real problem.

Driven by this dilemma, I learned how to sew and created a range of turbans and headbands that not only looked stylish but were also gentle on our hair. As I shared my creations online and with friends, I discovered a growing demand for this type of headwear in the UK, and from there, the concept of Joy's Crown was born.

Our unique and innovative patterns have been meticulously crafted with the textured hair community in mind. Joy's Crown's satin-lined headwear strikes the perfect balance between comfort, style, and protection, allowing you to embrace your hair in all its amazing glory!

While our primary target audience is individuals with textured hair and mothers with daughters, our inclusive approach welcomes anyone who appreciates our brand's values and seeks headwear solutions that prioritise both style and hair health.

Effortlessly enjoy chic "turban days," with Joy's Crown!